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n. A state of action, loud, exciting, trouble & often chaotic

instgram kat Meg

We set up Hullabaloo so we could throw the parties that we wanted to go to.  Fun, varied, classy affairs with no judgement and no rules (well, a few. But not many!)


Live Music, Great Djs, Fabulous Costumes, Roaming Entertainment, Stalls, Delicious drinks, Activities, Clowns (not the scary kind), Robot Monkeys.. all in one night.



Why should you have to chose between hearing great tunes and wearing your best shoes?


Why shouldn't you sip a manhattan in one hand and build your own Voodoo doll with the other? (although the googly eyes are fiddly so it's probably a good idea to put the drink down.)




Between us we've performed in a multitude grubby clubs, danced on a million sticky floors and know what we like. And hopefully what you like too.


Indulgent and decadent, yet filled with mania and madness.  - Bit like our lives really!


We look forward to welcoming you at next Hullabaloo party.

Kat & Meg