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n. A state of action, loud, exciting, trouble & often chaotic

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Learn to make cocktails at Hullabaloo HQ.

From the classics to Hullabaloo signatures, we'll teach you all you need to know..


We can tailor your session for hen parties, birthdays, or just because...



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We’re thrilled over here at Hullabaloo HQ!


It’s time to set the stage again, to dust off those chairs, and make magic.


Expect some glamour, expect some class, expect to drink a bit more than you normally would because the excitement of the whole thing is just too damn much.


This time around, we’ll be featuring Natalie Reiss, who is releasing her single - Good Intentions - from her forthcoming EP of the same name. Inspired by soul vocalists and cinematic romance, you can expect cleverly penned songs and a powerful voice from Natalie, supported by a dreamy soundscape.



There will be more live music. There will be dancing. I’m pretty sure somebody is going to fall in love.



We’ve got a killer DJ and complimentary fizz on arrival - we love fizz, especially the complimentary kind. Get ready to be treated, inspired, and then get down on the dance floor ‘til 2am.


Booking is essential. So get on it!



7:30PM - LATE



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